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Those cookies look so good I wish I had some


Cookie decorating party? MMmmm....


Oh, yes, I want a cookie! I love Pat Conroy but have not read this one.

simple me

that is a lot of baking...but for a cookies decoration party it is worth it. love the idea!
can I have a couple, please? :)

no I haven't read any of these :(
have a great week Risa!


Those cookies look delicious!

I love Frank McCourt also. I once watched an interview he did with his brother Malachy, and they had me laughing so hard tears were flowing down my face.

A Fanciful Twist

The boys will be so terribly delighted!!! Yipppee!!


I first heard about Frank McCourt in a German book review. I did read Angela's Ashes in English and in German and: there's a big difference!! The English version is, like you say, so full of beautiful black humour (I love that!), the German version is much more "serious". I found this difference in many more books, so I started to think, that every language owns its special "mentality".So I started to read "mouse or rat" by Umberto Eco, which features his experiences as a translator, but...what can I say....its a real struggle to get through........
What did I want to say??...I LOVE Frank McCourt!


hi risa. cookie decorating sounds fun. hope you enjoyed it. i'm familiar with pat conroy but have not read this book. t has the frank mccourt book...his dad gave it to him when he taught high school algebra. he never had time to read it then and he's since quit teaching. ;) xo


Hi Risa. I inadvertently googled your blog while trying to find a review for a book I was planning to buy (Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert). I could't stop reading the blog since then! Thanks for the reviews, I´ve already picked a couple of "must read" books!


mmmmm....cookies, yum!

I love Frank McCourt - he has such a style, such a voice!


I loved Teacher Man, I read it last year when I was still teaching English here in Thailand. Funny book, and it really made me think more about the impact teachers have on the kids they teach.

I discovered your blog this week and have just finished reading every post right from the beginning. I'm so sorry you're going back to the US as it's been wonderful reading about Ecuador. :-(


Yum they look SO good!
where's the recipe darling?? you know i love to bake!
more great books I see....


You know I haven't read either of these, though I have heard Frank McCourt on the radio. My favorite vignette was the write-your- own-excuse-note assignment.


i have a huge long list of books to read. And the Frank McCourt books are on it. Have been for some time. I just never get to them. Or the library never has them in.

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