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a lovely story risa. that book looks really cute, too.


I love it - "You need a stretcha!" Of course, we all do. Not living in the same country as my grandparents, I didn't have the opportunity to sift quite as frequently as I would have liked.


wonderful to enjoy memories.
enjoyed your little story.


that is a wonderful story...and your grandpa said "stretcha"...was he from New England??

In my head he said it in a Boston accent

lisa s

that sounds like my kind of basement!

btw.... your comment this morning to me... tears in my eyes. thank you. i can't wait to sit and have coffee with you. it will happen!


I loved your comments!!!! What a great description! I could hear Poppa talking and see the basement. Too bad he doesn't use the computerbecause I think he would enjoy this too


This book is great, those illustrations, wonderful!

I too spent a lot of time poking around my grandparents basement; my daughter, niece and I spent 2 hours this past weekend in a large closet full of photos. I took home quite a few that I have never seen before!

Such great memories!

Vanessa V

Oh! I love your Grandpa! They're in Flaurida now, fab. Mr. Lovee's grandparents would always say, "Oh, we gotta go visit Saul, ya know, that boy's got such great Calah (color)." I love it! Wonderful Illustrations. I don't think I need that advice today. Maybe tomorrow. heeheheee... xxxooo


Risa, what a wonderful story!!!
I love the illustrations too!! My parents have a loft with some 'treasures' in too!!!

Thanks for your comment yesterday xxx


your grandfather sounds adorable!!!
love the illustrations!! both sound like
great books!!
i love book recommendations so bring it on!


oh does everyone retire and move to Florida?
reminds me of Seinfeld....
guess they love the sun!


Your grandfather sounds like a wonderful character, how I would love to explore an old attic or basement for treasures. Love the illustrations in that book!


your grandfather sounds great - I would have found lots of fabulous things down there for sure :)
love that book!!


This post took me back to my grandmother's basement, not to mention her attick. Oh, sweet memories.



I, too, can here Poppa talking (and can also hear what Grandma would be saying)..His "gifts" to all of his grandchildren was and is something that he treasures.

His idea of a stretcha is something I have heard my whole life...Yet I can pack a car trunk better than anyone I know, and can fit more clothes into a suitcase and more items into a refrigerator/freezer!


Wonderful! I love it! Reminds me of my gram's basement where my cousin and I used to play as kids. It had a cement floor and a ton of stuff - everywhere! It was a treasure trove to be sure.

My gram has since passed away and her house (which I practically grew up in) has been sold. But those fun memories are still so vivid in my mind. Thank you for reminding me!



Your grandpa and I would get on just fine.

Seth B

Reading this just made my day...I have these same memories. Right before they moved out, I was bestowed an old alarm clock from the '50s, an old West Point postcard and a wartime picture of Poppa...


I so enjoyed your blog. Thank you for sharing your interesting life!

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