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lisa s

i just that butterfly in the background. so good.....


That movie does look great - had not heard of it, I am a big fan of stop motion.


Thanks for the info! The image is so beautiful... quite symbolic for the season as nature begins to change! Beauty surrounds thee...


thanks a lot for the research.Great to know more. I wondered for such a long time...
I like "little soul" a lot. So many different little souls!! And I really love to say "papillon". A beautiful word.
And Madame Tutli-Putli is stunning. I wonder if the film will make it to Germany but I surely will try to get it!!!!


love the butterfly origin!


Qué bonita!!

A Fanciful Twist

The butterflies are incredible! Asn that B&W one below! My goodness! That Butterfly website is adorable! I almost got totally engrossed, but i thought i'd tell ya so, before I go back, of course...xxo,Vanessa


thanks for sharing this... i love to find out word origins!


Sigh.... now I can sleep again thank you!!LOL
xoxo Desirée


Oh and thank you also for those great links to both the movie(love love love) and the blog of eendar!both great!xoxo Dees


I wish i could fly like a butterfly. Only I would want to live longer. Hey, that movie looks excellent!


Love your photos, they are so perfect. Thanks for the most comprehensive information about butterflies, very interesting facts!


"The night train awaits you"... I can hardly wait. I'm ready to hop on board. That film looks marvellous.
take care, g xo

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