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congratulations to the two of you and welcome home Risa!!!!!!!!

Happy happy birthday my friend xxxxxx


Hi risa you're back!! Congratulations to the happy couple and happy birthday too?! *Enjoy*


Yes, welcome back and your birthday? Happy Happy one!!

Vanessa V

Okay. Is it really your B-day???? Yipppeeee! Well, if not, it can be, and if it is, Happy day, oh happy day! Missed you oodles!!! Ahh, ain't love grand??? xxo


Happy Birhday if it is indeed so. ;) It's like the telephone/rumor game around here. Haha! And congrats to your friends. Those lucky ducks...I wish I was married already and had it over with, haha!


I was just thinking about you and wondering where your were. Hope yo hear and see much about your trip to NYC! And I second Vanessa - Happy Day, birthday or not.


You are home!!!! what a lovely pair,congrats to all!!!Hope you had a great time!xoxo hugs hugs hugs


yay! so cute!!
welcome back dear r!!


Nice photo of Di and Matt...looking forward to seeing you guys again...Happy B-Day

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