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Make sure you give them a swift kick in the ass first!


Oh risa, so sorry that you lost your jacket at the movies. I watched spiderman 3 this weekend too, thankfully there was no incident. Come shopping with me, I'll cheer you up, and if you ever see that 'person' I'll help you snatch the jacket back :)


so sorry to hear this risa! sending you a hug.

Julia MacRobbie

Aww =( That's so lame.


our spidey sense shoulda been tingling. guess we shoulda been wearing our underoos. que bestia...sorry about the jacket.


That sucks.

lisa s

oh that person will have bad bad karma for a long long time.... you on the other hand - get to buy a new jacket! :)

so sorry. have been there..... xo


I can't believe people. Goodbye to a well-loved jacket


ooooo...noooooooo!! so sorry!!




Are you sure, you won't find it near around the cinema?? Perhaps he was just up for the wallet.... But I like ALL the jackets you found on ebay!!!!
A WARM hug!!


oh no..thats not nice....pretty damn annoying!!

Hope you enjoyed the film at least - shelly would have been so happy to see it too!! xx


your last sentence makes me think of a scene from the movie half nelson where this girl gets her bike stolen. have you seen it yet? it's about a junior high school teacher in gowanus. i think you'll both enjoy it. i know i did, and thought of you both while watching it. oh, and sorry to hear about your jacket. :( at least it wasn't your wedding ring, right?


oh no! i don't really know what to say.

perhaps just try to remember that ultimately it was just a Thing, just Stuff; and that your memories of the trip, and you friendship are the more important things and you still have both of those.


oh, that sucks... i lost my fav black cardi at the movies a couple of years ago and still feel very sad when i think about it! but you are right, at least it wasn't your wallet...


Ack! That sucks. I've gotten stuff 'lost' in my apartment building's laundry room. Partly my fault for leaving stuff in there too long but also pretty ridiculous on the part of my neighbours.

ashley G

Oh, I am so so sorry! And enraged for you. I had a similar story involving a scarf and a bar. It's been three years and it still erks me. He's a bad bad person. And it extra sucks because it couldn't have happened to a nicer one :(


Far out! whats with people?!!??
yes yes you rip it off his back and take some hair with it!


So, I'm guessing you didn't find it there when you called the next day, either? That sucks. I hope that this rant made you feel better, and sent icy daggers of guilt through all thieves everywhere.

simple me

Have you found it yet?

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