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tash at poppyseeds

I NEED those purple shoes really badly ... in my imagination any way ....!


Glad you had a fun trip! I love BA, and can't wait to see more pics and hear the stories. Those shoes are awesome.


Missed you too Risa, but showing shoes does help - a balm. Must go shoe shopping in Argentina. There is one for the to do list. Glad you are back, cannot wait to read and see all about your trip!



p.s. where's the beef? show me the argentinian beef!

Julia MacRobbie

I can't wait to go to Argentina!!! Those shoes are so *hot* The purple wedges are absolutely adorable. Good score!

lisa s

i have deep shoe envy. sigh....

nice to have you back!


Hey, great that youre back!! Missed you!!!
Looking forward to hearing aaallllll about it and seeing the pics!! xxx


ohhh love the heels on the black boot shoe!! gorgeous
the purples ones are funky too!
cant wait to hear all about it!


love the purple shoes


Welcome back Risa, I am so looking forward to hearing more about your time there. Love the purple shoes, and they are handmade? wow! Lucky you :)


I'm so glad you're back and had a good time. The purple shoes are fabulous darling!


Welcome Home!!! I am glad you are back safe. I love the black shoes. The little side tie is adorable. SO, I have to apologize that I have yet to put your package in the mail. I have the shipping tube with your paper in it, in my car, I just haven't had a chance to stop by the post office. It's nearing the end of my semester and I have two 18 page research papers to finish, so I have been a hermit. I PROMISE I WILL PUT YOUR TUBE IN THE MAIL ON FRIDAY, I swear!!!

Veronica TM

the shoes are 'barbaros' {like we say}! off tho read the next post. again, i am so glad you had a good time in ba.

simple me

Great to see you back Risa!
After so much walking you had to buy a few more shoes :D
Hoping to catch up with all the great time you had.

Vanessa V

oooh, how I missed you!!!! It was strange having you away....As for the shoes! Oh, you are a good little girl! Shopping for shoes!!! They are wonderful!!!


ohhhhh! i have spent ALL SEASON looking for a pair of shoes like those black ones.
i am writhing with jealousy right now.


Welcome back!! And oh my god, the shoes! They're gorgeous! Me=Envious.


ESTAN HERMOSOS!! hace tanto q no veo tu blogg y la verdad tienes q enseñarme a usarlo, esta muy interesante, lindisimas fotos and I love your style!!
Ya pues, a ver si nos get together este sabado maybe ok, y la visita a la piscina y cangrejos estan pendientes!!!


i missed u too, risa. :)))) WONDERFUL shoes! perfect! :*)


beautiful new shoes! oh, i want to go to argentina so badly! off to explore the rest of your posts :) xo

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