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i also love taking pictures of balconies here and think what life it holds inside...lovely to dream :) xxx


what a beautiful house. i like to do this when i visit cities. i look for my dream house and imagine life there for just a moment. xo


I get to peek in many many houses...And, it is always, interesting and intriguing.....It never is on the inside as it seems from the outside...Some plain houses are magic inside..And some lovely homes, are chaos inside...I asore these thoughts too.....So glad you are venturing back though! xxxxoooo,Vanessa


Mmmm...there are so many houses here in Maine that I've fallen in love with and, even though I love my house and don't want to move, I love the fantasy of it. Having a new space, decorating differently, starting over *sigh*. But it gives me a better appreciation of what I have.

I love the veranda on this place!

lisa s

nothing wrong w/ a little daydreaming!


That balcony! What exactly is next for you? From piecing together posts, I take it you'll be leaving Quito soon. Me and my inquiring mind.


haha that made me then walk on by...great house though!
are you looking forward to moving and settling into a new home? Ive got mixed feelings as we too plan to buy a new house...Im going to miss my current was our first major purchase as a couple...


Me too! Me too! I love to imagine the very same thing...
see you, g xo


I had this feeling, when we saw the house, we bought last autumn, for the first time.
A family of five was living inside it with lots of humour, laughter, colours and "alife-ness". We loved this athmospere, the house had, from the first sight. Now we are in....and we brought OUR life-style to the house. I mean: the inner life-style.
But there are lots of roots and remains of the former "users"...
I know this thoughts about houses I walk by...


Living far from home is exciting and difficult, fun and sad, interesting and lonely all at the same time isn't it. At least this time I'm in a country where I share the native language.


What a wonderful pause in time while imagining what it would be like. That house looks wonderful, if only they can teleport it to US :)


I do the same when I pass houses for sale.

Why exactly are you living in Equador?


I do the same and can really see myself living in a house like that thank you for daydreaming and letting us in on them!xoxo


I am an architecture junkie, I love buildings and empty houses always seem to hold so much promise, at the same time they are heavy with memories of someone else.


I play a similar game with houses. Picking out a house in which I would like to live and I daydream for a second or two about what life would be like there.


e and i do this too on our walks... imagine life inside some of the different homes that we pass, how things might be different (or perhaps the same...)


fabulous. but luckily, every place has it's own charm. so, you never have to worry about what you're leaving behind, because there's always something new in store.


i do the same thing when i go into the historical neighborhood downtown. the houses are old, yet gorgeous and the neighborhood is peaceful. i like to take walks with my husband down there and imagine what it would be like to live there.

simple me

That's a pretty house. Here there are so many wonderful houses with nobody inside and left alone and it makes me sad. I wish I could own one.


Risa, i am the same way, I use to walk up and down Park Ave. in Hoboken, and I love the brownstones, I would sneak a peak inside to see how people decorated, and dream of living there.


Jeez, This happens to me daily in Cuenca. That is a beautiful picture.

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