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Risa, these pictures are fabulous...looks and sounds familiar ;)..dont we all feel like little ants in the big jungle!! xxx


Oh these are lovely,hope your journey is not too heavy for you.There are alot of ants to help I hope!xoxo


I love these leaf eating ants. We spent hours watching them in Costa Rica! Hope you are carrying your burdens painlessly.


I love design of the munched on leaf (just on the edges)! It would look so interesting in an artistic piece, a collage or something.

I hope your list is getting smaller and smaller and you have time to relax!



hi there risa. empathizing with this leaf-carrying feeling... hope you are making a dent in your list and the leaf is almost munched away :)


the photos are gorgeous. I'm getting nowhere on my list of tasks. But I've discovered about a dozen blogs and watched a CSI marathon. Very productive!


Ha! I just thought about getting up from the computer and fetching my "book-of-tasks-and-to-does" when I saw your very very wonderful photos. The best thing about being an ant is: you don't reflect on the need and sense of what you're up to do ;)) Happy working day!!


you just reminded me of all I must do!! I have had an unexpectedly interupted last week or two and have not been at all productive - but ah, there is always tomorrow!! =) LOVE these pics - what great photos, your blog is always so fascinating - I LOVE IT!!


I love these bug photos, ants don't really bother me, these are beautiful.

please try not to get stepped on today!!



Incredible photography and so fitting to your words for today, hope you are getting through your list efficiently whilst enjoying the munching process :) Have a good day!

jen o'connor

so cool
glad we can catch up in blogland
come on over and we'll watch martha together on Monday!

lisa s

hello there ant! wouldn't it be great if we could really carry things 5 times our size like those ants???

tash at poppyseeds

What a lovely idea to make a metaphor from nature when pondering what we think are the banalities of day to day human life... dont you sometimes look at an ant carrying away a very large portion of your iced bun, and think ...... ummmm ....... all sorts of things? like , its magical the ant system's 'economy of time and space'!


hi risa,
i thought of you when i posted a little photo of an ant on my flickr site today. xo


what a lovely design the ants made.


Oh, Risa. That's just how I feel sometimes too.


Incredible photos.


What amazing little guys. I've been feeling a little stressed with deadlines, but now I will be able to picture myself as a giant ant too, and then I will smile, and my stress will go away. xoxo lj

simple me

Oh Yes! I feel the same :)))


Haha, yes that's me too there, besides you!

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