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i love the bottom groupings too and also have a problem with clutter...although trying to organise it right now :)

happy monday xxx


I always have clutter but want to be organized.I start over every single day but then again I come home with new clutter every day too.Does that make any sense?xoxo


Oh I have papers and magazines all over the house, somehow I can't find enough cupboard space to hide them :) Spring's time to think about serious decluttering!

jen o'connor

loved reading through your blog
i always declutter throguh organizing by color
have a super day
xxoo jen


oh my gosh! is vogue latinoamerica the fashion vogue, or vogue home & living?
i love the idea of latin american vogue *almost* as much as i love actual british vogue (australia vogue is terrible, imo. too many pages devoted to skincare products, not enough to social pages and the arts).

lisa s

i dream of rotating collections. just dream....


I've got a very well organized husband- and that's a bless, because I'm nearly a messie ( or am I?). So after 15 years of being married and kicks in the ass I manage to only "clutterificate" my studio.
(perhaps, sometimes, when I'm grown up......)


and what about the motivation of...

'someone coming to photoshoot my house'

no sneakers, no newspapers, no dishes. What?

I never believe that people really live like that. At least, not with kids and/or dogs.

If they say they do, they're lying.

Damn nice shots, though.


those are beautiful shots, but don;t beat your self up about not being able to recreate them...I believe the most creative people thrive on a bit of is our "stuff" that makes us who we are.


I have too, too much stuff and children who love to rearrange it. Any lovely vignette is like a beacon asking to be torn assunder. Some day.


love these inspirational vignettes. i am in a constant battle with clutter... especially in my study with art/craft supplies... what i *want* is lovely little arty vignettes, what i have to often are scary piles :)
good luck with the organization!


Clutter? Constantly. Hence the need to sit on the computer this afternoon... there is too much clutter and mess and things to do piling up around me!
take care, g xo

Julia MacRobbie

I agree with you, being able to edit your collection is so key. If you can do it, you have a great skill. I have hippy stuff, artsy stuff, Japanese-y or eastern stuff, stuff from Mexico, generic American Target stuff, girly stuff, vintage stuff. Nothing goes together or looks good together, yet I love it all.

simple me

I'm still having problems with clutter around here but I'm better now and getting there. I also love the last vignette. That's the sort of spirit I would like to have around the apartment (I have been thinking about putting some photos up of my surroundings and of how I have somehow started to get organised ...I just wish I had an extra little room to place things that don't seem to fit anywhere).
I believe that I'm not too bad at editing my collections. It's just a question of finding the right moment :)

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