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happy anniversary!


happy 1st date anniversary, risa! finding true love is a miracle...;)
i'm waiting till the 15th to post it. i can't tell u why. ;)


oh sweet risa...what a compliment!!! Thank you so much...and you are so welcome.
I love yaels work too and that tea party packaging is amazing!!!!!!
Of course i knew it was your first date anniversary ;) happy happy one xxx bh..


I am so glad you enjoyed it!!! I was so excited to put it together. It was soooo much fun!! Especially when I knew it was going to my little love-bug. Those are treats for your next tea party!!!! Did you see the little note? I actually typed that with my huge old typwriter!!!! I can't wait to send another!!!ps: I had a hard time parting with that yellow ribbon for the handle.. but I thought, it needs it!! ps: Europe is phenomenal. You go to buy cheap shampoo and you get the shampoo they sell only at hair salons in america as an exquisite find.:) It is the quality factor.


Happy day for you :-)
I'm glad you like the soap.


happy anniversary risa! :) what lovely packages to brighten the day!


ooh, don't cha just love getting stuff in the mail. It always cheers me up!
such lovely items, esp. from my gal pal Vanessa, whom i met thanks to you!
great purse!

lisa s

yay!! i am so behind on thank yous...

great stuff for a great lady! :)

tongue in cheek

What lovely gifts! You are loved! receiving gifts in the mail is such a blessing isn't it!


What gorgeous things!! I too have been getting parcels and yes! its like christmas all over again!!
Im so jealous - I cant wait to visit Buenos Aires oneday....will you dance the Tango for me?


what wonderful gifts, what a delight!!!

Too funny about the game as well, isn't it funny and not so funny when you all of a sudden feel old at the strangest times.

happy valentine's day!!


Happy first date anniversary! How lovely to receive so many wonderful packages, love Vanessa's Alice in Wonderland/ tea party goodies -they're so you :), Julie's wall jewellery is beautiful especially against your pink wall (it was meant to be). Everything else is fabulous too, Happy Valentines day!

Veronica TM

wow, you are so lucky to receive such wonderful things! i am excited for you going to buenos aires, i would have loved to be there so we could meet and enjoy the beautiful city together.

simple me

It was hard to get here. Yesterday I tried several times to leave a comment on these last 2 posts and I just wasn't able to. There was always a broken link somewhere :(
So here it goes...
Happy, Happy belated aniversary many more years of love and happiness :)
Buenos Aires? I dream of going to Argentina, not so much for the Tango but to explore Tierra Del Fuego and La Pampa...just let myself go and travel and discover the beauty around the country.
Have you read Patagonia Express by Luis Sepulveda?
I have read some books by this author (story of the seagul and the cat who thaught her how to fly, The old man who reads love stories, Patagonia express all great reads).

simple me

Oh! I forgot...
"Mundo del fin del mundo" this is also a good book by Sepulveda and if I'm not wrong I think this one takes place in Tierra Del Fuego (I read it years ago so I'm not sure)
Here is some info about the author if you don't know him already...


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