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I wouldn't dare after that poster!haha it is too funny!have a great day and thank you for your nice comment on my blog!Bye Desirée


whoa! that is one angry-looking can:P!
i wouldn't think of p---ing off him!!lol

Veronica TM

Thank you for the popsicle!
I forgot to tell you in the last post, if you need any help with the translation, please let me know. I have been translating for a long time here {but from English to Spanish}


HI darling small wristed girl...I laughed so hard!!! First at your comment about crafty boys.. then at your contaminador picture...Oye mi amor, pero donde esta el Catchoop??? You can't eat that without it!!!Give back to popsicle. hee hee. My mom and I actually had a long conversation about all the interesting things to put Ketchup on...It was intersting alright!! okay okay, I'll drop it, it is just a fun topic...xoxoxoxo


i hate contamination!! love the poster!!


Oh yes, I know about holding onto a silly secret thinking that no body else is the same. In reality, human beings are very similar in nature right? We are beginning to see traces of snow here in UK, can't wait for ice-lolly weather :)


You have a very big chance to have a warm and shiny day!!!! I love your collage!!!!


that popsicle looks yummy and would stay frozen just fine here in NH! but that threatening green can would melt my confidence... lovely collage risa and nice nice blog. i'll be back!


I have a feeling I am going to be saying (or signing as she is deaf) "Where are you going contaminator?" to my bf's little girl when she is over and being messy...

thank you for that, it made me smile.

 Pearl and Pumpkin

Hi Risa,

It's not hot here in England! We had snow this morning for the first time all winter.

Popsicles are called Ice Lollys in England.

The woman we live with once visited Quito a long time ago. She has pictures of it. She remembers it being a very old and very vibrant city.


it's finally cold in Alabama this winter - take care:)

Monica Andrade

Lemon popsicles are my favorites and my kids favorite too! We have plenty of them last summer, I guess at about 10 cents each it was ok to "splurge". I think that's the longest brand of ice cream in Ecuador. I remember eating them since I was a child.
I love the collage from your previous post, so beautiful! And that poster is really funny, poor man!
Hope you make another international party soon!


love this poster! i wonder what the green thing is?


delicioso...thanks for the popsicle. it was hot here in brazil.
love the poster.


It is a great poster, have you collected any others over there?


Popsicles are good - we call them Icy poles!!! perfect for a hot day...send me one ...
hey thats a cute sign...he does look mean!


hot here too. Muggy hot! thanks for sharing the icy treat!


It has been fun finding your blog. I jsut returned from Peru working with the women in Trujillo on textile works. What took you there and how long were you there for?

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