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I want that for my kitchen, well they would have to be bigger. But you are a very bad influence, waving ebay goodies under our (and I guess I can only speak for myself now, really) easily swayed noses.


Hey you cutie pie!

I KNOW, I have been freaking out over the wolverine stoves and such on Ebay lately :) I really need to get one, or several...but where to keep them? This is the eternal question.



ºOº qué bonitas!!!

jungle dream pagoda

I am so wth you on the toy kitchen thing,I've been working on a vintage one for my daughter,but its probably really for me!

Veronica TM

I love all of those! And I want to see yours too.


Wow my Blythe dolls would look so good in one of those!The pink one is the one I would go for!


when I was little I had a teeny tiny toy oven, not easy bake, but was bright green and I could make brownies with a light bulb and they would come out in a little tray.

I broke the little stove after I put pennies in it (I don;t know why I did this) I blame the loss of that little green oven for why I do not cook or bake is just too tragic.


Oh My My My !!!!! Let's just buy them. Send them to my house and when you get back to the states, you can come pick them up, we can drive them back to Denver and it will be great!!! :) Meanwhile, I can play with them all I want.. hee hee.. You know, I am going to go get my dollhouse out of storage tomorrow!!!You have inspired me.


Oh! Oh! Oh!

God, that pink stove seriously sent me.


Oh my goodness these are great. I love the red kitchen cabinet with all the little goodies inside.

lisa s

as a lover of all things small, all things packaged amazingly and tin toys... i just swooned....

[my old boss has a whole set of fake grocery toy items that gets me'd love them too]


Oh Risa, these are so adorable. I love the top one with the vintage items, it's fabulous! I love minature kitchen food pieces and items too, they are so realistic.


Can I shop at the 1930s style grocery with you? We can buy up fresh produce and licorice straps for our (future) road trip...
see you, g xo


I wish my kitchen looked like that. I think it would make me a better cook!
cheers, lj xx


I love all this!!! how glorious...makes you want to put on a pretty apron and play house!


ohhhh you do have some cute stuff for your kitchen fetish!!! i used to want to make mini items for the dollhouse i never had... i dunno if you ever heard of the littles? they were like the borrowers... i used to want to make stuff for them- haha....

that pink stove is dreamy!!!!


uauuu que increible estas cocinas!!


uauuu que increible estas cocinas!!

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