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Oh my goodness, I had not thought of that game in years, we used to play that on long bus trips to theater competitions in high can also be played as a drinking game...though obviously not with children.


I have a quick question- i haven't been to your blog in a while, and while looking at your back posts, I noticed this absolutely smashing polka dot cardigan! I have looked EVERYWHERE for it, and i cannot seem to find one like it. I am a polka dot addict, and I think quite possibly i realllllly need one of those. Would you mind revealing the secret!? It would be so much appreciated!!


stiletto - i think my boys would have preferred it as a drinking game. actually, i know they would. the fact that they are there for drug treatment, however, leads me to believe this would not have gone over well with the other staff. :)

kelsey - the cardigan is from boden...i'm not sure if they still have some available on sale (how i snagged mind) but i saw some other cute polka-dot cardigans in their new spring line.

lisa s

you get big bonus points for trying!

i LOVE that little illustration of the kid w/ the scissors. adore actually.

and isn't it funny how hip brooklyn has become???


ooooh, i can't wait to tell heath and michelle you mentioned them on your blog! they're gonna flip...

as for your game, it reminds me a lot of the games we used to play at sleepover parties in elementary school. this one in particular reminds me of "wanna buy a duck? a what? a duck! does it quack? of course it quacks!" maybe you should try around the world with them instead. :)


Oh no. I can imagine the disapointment at their disinterest. I do not like planning things that others do not find amusing. Oh well. It is kinda funny though, once you look back at it??? How long do you think the package I sent will take to get to you???


Hi Risa! you can find more argentinian illustrators' portfolios at Thanks for your comments in my blog! see you!


Ahhh... bless you for must have been so frustrating!
And love carson ellis - probably found thru you!!! xxx


I guess playing games with kids is always a trail and error process, I can imagine their faces looking blankly :) Love the cute illustrations, thanks.


Sounds like you had a slightly traumatic day... Still I'm sure you're doing a fantastic job, personally I'd have no idea how to entertain a class of teenagers.

jungle dream pagoda

What dear story! It does seem like a clever game to play. Luckily her blog is super clever,how creative to put wasabi in your Bloody Mary!


what a funny story... i remember that game from my childhood and i can only imagine trying to explain it in spanish! though i did once see a girl try to explain the concept of "radical cheerleading" to a group of folks in the guatemalan campo, which was a hoot.
i love ayun halliday's bust columns & zine... thanks for the blog link!

simple me

Yes how sometimes things can be so just have to laugh about it :)
I need to check the links you left me curious.


i love that they love head, shoulders, knees and toes though. so funny. and yes yes, i love the little guy with the scissors, just perfect. and thank you for the link to carson's blog ~ awesome! xo~!

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