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A Fanciful Twist

Tea tomorrow. Tea for how many???I can't figure out how many teacups to bring...I'll just bring them all.
Love the carboard art....Yes I do. I know, the key situation. I think more than losing the keys was getting so anxious and crazy for so many hours straight! I am so super glad to be back to normal. Aye, Dios mio, me vuelvo loca.


Nine West makes those ballet flats. They are from the LUVMYFLATS collection. This link should help you out. The elastic around the heel can be a little tight at first, but once you break them in, they are fantastic.

Pretty Lady

Lila (from indigopears.blogspot) invited us to see your blog and it interesting smart and fabulous!!!


I just arrived in Quito and found your blog via a Google search for "yarn Quito". I'd love any tips you have on getting into the yarn thing here, including weaving and spinning.


Paula is such a sweetie!!! and i love it...slip cover for a beer bottle!!!

havent forgotten to reply to you...;)


that afro pic face is magnificent.


vanessa - i don't know how many! it will be a surprise for us all. :)

kristen - thank you! i'm going to check them out...

maureen - i left you a comment on your blog. bienvenidos!

julie - take your time.

kiwi - i know. i love it.

lisa s

looking forward to tomorrow....

so glad you got some good goodies!!


SO DARN EXCITED about the tea party!
Hooray, hooray.


I like beer and I like the idea of that project! Thanks for the fine links, as always.
see you, g
(P.S. LJ & I are quite full of tea & scones with jam already... xo)

Veronica TM

Check out what I am bringing to the tea party! Thanks for the invite, Risa, it is a great idea!


Oh Risa....I am all ready for your party. Come see me...


Looks like the tea party was a success, sorry I missed it! I'm blaming the work schedule!



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