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love the sky and am very excited about the tea party!!


me too!! Cant wait!! And i get a little more time to prepare in the morning! :)

lisa s

i'm very excited about our tea party... i'll try and be brave and post a pic of me... hmmmm

love your sky!


Can anyone join in? or did you need to know in advance, I would love to come!!! xx


this is a fab idea! yay for tea parties:)


i love clouds, man. do i need to clean the apartment? : )

A Fanciful Twist

I can't wait ~ I can't wait ~ I can't wait. I love Tea Parties!


High Tea for me!!
should be good fun - see u there!!


Aww, you are such a sweetie for organising this, can't wait for the tea party!

tongue in cheek

Teap time!! I 'm coming, wearing my oversized hat, bringing my teapot that I will post about today, and if possible can I bring some friends?

simple me

I'm coming...I'm coming :)
See you tomorrow


I'm coming along too! See you there...
take care, g xo


I'm coming along. I'm working on some suitable things to bring.
cheers, lj


Such fun! Will start preparing now :-) xxx


I will be posting a watercolor of my favorite teapot on my blog in a few minutes!
Great fun idea! Great to meet you, Risa!


oh what a wonderful idea! I'm so glad I decided to catch up on blogs just in time :D

Veronica TM

Beautiful sky! Thank you for the instructions! See you tomorrow.


hi risa! this is a brilliant idea! ~ tea parties just get me, i love them so much! hmmm, i'm already thinking of what wonderous treats i can bring (if i may attend too? ;)



Since I will be travelling tomorrow I am already on my way. Blog is up:


thank you for all the comments!
anyone can come and you can bring anyone you like!!!
i'll see you tomorrow (friday the 12th).


What a lovely sky. Living in Seattle, that looks like heaven to me.


Oh, I've never been to a tea party and this sounds like a great time. How exciting. I'll be there.


risa, i'd be happy to participate! :)) u can post my last drawing. sorry that it was shot in artificial light. it isn't scanned. so it's too dark. but i'll be happy to drink a cup ot tea with u. :))))


i would love to come!

stephanie s

i am preparing as i write this. tea sounds so wonderful, and the company can't be beat.

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