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jungle dream pagoda

Risa,this event rivals anything in high society. I'm afraid some rather irreverant residents from the Pagoda,decided to get there Tea-party on too.
My little one and I decided to keep an eye on them though.

greenbeanbaby art

thanks for the invite :) i am literally drinking my chai now, while typing, and t rying to get a hold of the insurance company... its supposed to be relaxing right?! but it sucks when the insurance AND the dentist place won't answer their phone... so, i will sit back, drink my chai, email, and listen to elmo in the background :)

greenbeanbaby art

okay, i posted on my blog :)


Let's just pretend I'm fashionably late and not ill-prepared. Thank you for comming up with this idea! I've gotten to see a bunch of blogs that I didn't know were out there! I hope it's ok that I invited my self! I figured the more, the merrier!

You look lovely in your outfits! Your hair makes me dream for my short hair again.


Eeek! How absolutely fun and such a wonderful idea! Everything looks lovely and delicious. :)


A well needed Distraction for today- Your timing could not be better.
I can't thank you enough...

Happy to have found you today!
Jane Wynn
(I posted a photo...hahaaa!)


I'm joining, nice meet everyone! An extremely cute idea, thanks for hosting.


Hi! Sorry I'm a bit late...I love all your tea cups! And that ensemble with the classic black dress and pink earrings is just fab-u-lous!


This was such an awesome idea Risa! I've been really enjoying visiting everyone... When is the next one?


Now I am really sad that I have no pictures to post. I want to show all my tea pots..I will have to wait..But everyone looks so nice and all the wonderful teas and goodies. Makes the 1 degree temperature outside seem not so cold!!

stephanie s

i was hoping to arrive earlier... but i am so pleased to be here now. i brought some tea sandwiches if anyone is interested. now, where is that cup and saucer i have?, i need to fill it up.


I am thrilled to be invited to this lovely gathering, looks like everyone is having fun and what lovely settings.


Thank you for organising this lovely party!:-)


Hi Risa, you look amazing! Thank you so much for hosting this wonderful party (I have brought you something...), we are spoilt by everything you prepared!! Love your collection of vintage cups and beautiful table setting. You are the best!


You look adorable, Ms. Risa!
I'm sorry I'm so late coming to the party...I just posted, and was having internet/other issues earlier.

Your cups, etc. are amazing! Goodness gracious. :)
Happy tea drinking, my dear!


you are cool, mi vida. it's good to be here. i was going to make a cd but i brought a pablo poem instead. jillypickle? someone else? ta. : )


Thanks for the invite Risa! I'm there!


hi risa! love the photos of you! and your cup collection is wonderful! thanks so much for hosting the tea party!


Here is a good tea quote. I wrote it on my kitchen blackboard:
If you are cold, tea will warm you. If you are too heated, it will cool you. If you are depressed, it will cheer you. If you are excited, it will calm you. ~Gladstone, 1865


hey cutie, what a big star you are to have created this tea extravaganza. Thank you so much xxx

La Vie Arty

hello risa!
I'm late, I'm late like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland but this is such a good idea, I can't remember how I stumbled across this but I've posted from my little corner of London - don't even know if it's still Friday where you are, where are you?
Thank you for doing this! XXX

lisa s

how cute are you?!?!?!??!?!?!

thanks for organizing this risa!! it's been so fun and i can't wait to see what everyone else has been up to!


Everything looks wonderful!!! You are so pretty! love your teacups and the tea snacks look a treat!!!


you are too cute for words!!!!!


Thanks for the invitation. It is always nice to share a cup tea with friends.

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