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hello gorgeous, you look wonderful - in both outfits - and what a spread!!!
Thank you so much for the invitation..and your vintage collection is absolutely AMAZING!!! I couldnt pick a better host for this lovely tea party! xxx


How embarrassing, I'm always one of the first people at a party...and I don't like my outfit. But everything here looks yummy! I want to send you a thank you note but can't get your email address to pop up so I'll need it later.

Tiel S-K

It is perfect. Perfect host and perfect setting.

you have created a lovely day and I am so glad that I have been able to be apart of it.

Love that resin necklace!

Thank you for having me.


Wow, I came to the party kind of late. If I had known about the party earlier I would have had my hair and nails done. I love the tea cups, and the food looks delicious. What a sweet idea.

tongue in cheek

Thank you for hosting such a fun and creative tea time! Around the world in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea!
You are a doll, and the way your eyes sparkle, like I said a doll!!

Thank you for such fun!!


i wasn't quite sure how this was going to work, but it is soooo fabulous. thank you so much for organising it and making such a big effort; you look beautiful!


Thanks for the invitation via Corey. I immediately dressed for the occasion in my favorite hat, and new pink and brown gloves that I received for Christmas. Nice guests at your party. A splendid way to spend a Friday morning! Such fun.


Look at how adorable you are Risa! What a fabulous idea. With my sick daughter, I'm not so sure I can pull my tea post together (I'll let you know if I do), but looks like you're in lovely company already. Enjoy!

ashley g

This is going to be the most fun I have all week! Everyone looks fantastic :) Great great great idea!!


Tho I'm not a tea party participant, I just have to say I love that red necklace. The size of the beads is magnificent.

Veronica TM

You look so cute, Risa! What a wonderful party! Thank you again for the invitation, so much fun! Kisses to the best hostess.


What a great party. I hope you'll all visit my little tea room. I put out my best china just for you !


Here I am! The bad day blues almost kept me away, but I made it after all and it turned out to be the perfect pick me up. Thanks so much for hosting it!


Hi there! - Here's what a Ditz I am seriously, I forgot about the whole time difference thing so I checked your blog earlier and thought...hmmm no tea party? what's going on...?and then, as Im about to leave work for the day, there you are!! :-) Anyway, just wanted to say hi- I am new to blog land but I came across your page yesterday and loved it. And i think the tea party is a really cute idea. Does a glass of wine in the pub later count as joining in....or is it an alcohol free party? ;-)Have a great day
Ditz xx


You are gorgeous my dear. My My, what hospitality...Oh delightful I do say. just delightful...


I so love the fancy outfit!!!
I brought some sweet treats


this is so lovely... what a beautiful spread! and you look very cute with the big orange mug :)


hey, i recognize that cupcake cake! becky's the bomb. and you look tooooooo flippin' cute in these pics! wish i were having tea with you in the non-virtual world...



hi risa!

what a smashing tea party this is!! love both of your outfits. you are the cutest. thanks so much for hosting the party! i've been so excited about visiting everyone today. xoxo shari ps: where's jordan? i hope he will pop in to say hello!


You are so lovely and gorgeous and fabulous... I can't stand it!

Drinking chamomile (sans camera) in Santa Fe and think of you (all).


sabine Brandt

Hi Risa,
We just arrived, so good to be around good friends in blogland. Looks like you all having a good time, lots of good cakes and tea.

Peace Sabine


Excellent! A few of my customers e-mailed me about your virtual tea party. I raise my cup and pinky to all of you!


Thank you so much for the invitation, Risa, what a lovely way to get together!


Hello Risa! Thank you for organising such a wondeful Party! look gorgeous in your photo's - love your cup!!

Shari invited me along to the party too - and we are having a lovely time ;)

..happy weekend! xox


I love all the vintage tea cups. Oh and the table looks beautiful and so does all the wonderful tea treats...

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