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Hi Lovely!! You are having problems???? Even with the new extended banner I made you??? I am so sad. I wish I was there to help you!! Maybe I could help from here? Hey, those are those little people you sent me! Did they run back to you???? Who is that guy really?


I love the pygmy hippo. It must be that 'small animal' appeal, or maybe the so-ugly-they're-cute phenomenon, much in the same manner of pugs. Nice to meet Earl as well. Isn't it funny how certain faces speak to you? I love how he is off center in the photo, his head is tilted, and he is not looking at the camera - all uncommon for an old photo.


I LOVE THE HIPPO!!!I have a thing for manatees,and this little one has that same cuteness about him!!!bye Desirée


Risa, you left out a few key facts about Earl, he used to dream of being an actor as a child but a slight stutter kept him from pursuing his stage dreams...

he also had a child hood love, her name was Alice, she died of TB when they were 16, and he never forgot her.....

sorry, I love making up stories about old photos too...


Aww..that header is adorable. Love the pygmy hippo and Mr. Earl reminds me of the Fat Controller in 'Thomas the Tank Engine' :D-UK TV show.


I love the two miniature dolls in your banner.

Veronica TM

i like your new banner! i have been wanting to do a new one, but the thought of fighting with typepad makes me not want to.
i love your 'friend' earl and the hippo.


That vintage hippo photo is wonderful! I lov the story of Earl...I wonder too when I see vintage photos or names in childrens books...who were they? what was their dream in life?


AAh! I know what you mean! I worked really hard one day to make a banner for my Typepad blog and it totally didn't work. =( So disappointing because I get all of these ideas for banners I want to use! I've pretty much given up...I just can't devote any more time to it. Yours looks really cute though! Success!


hippo is very cute.
that is interesting about earl.
oh, why can't they make it easy for us to change our banner.
have a great day!


Isnt it wonderful finding old images and being inspired by them - i love that!!!!!!! If i could help you with your banner i would!!


i love the story of the man in the photo!
hope the computer problems get resolved... those are so frustrating.


Again, more wonderful photos paired together; a little rotund pygmy hippo & Earl who loves apple pie...
Hope the typepad woes have righted themselves... I've been a little swamped and haven't been around my blog of late... must make amends tomorrow and post some new collages. Maybe one will even feature a pygmy hippo, who knows?
g xo


Gracia's right the pigmy hippo is just delightful, and Earl's a bit of a ripper too.

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