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Beautiful. I love samplers, and have a few. None very old though, the oldest one is as a Dutch one from 1933. All red on white.


good luck with the move, hope it goes well and you have fun in your new home. if you're ever in England let me know! S

lisa s

hello risa.... thank you so much for hosting such a fun party - i *still* haven't made it to all the guests.... but it was really really fun. i'm so glad you are thinking of doing something else

and samplers? well a girl after my own heart. i have a great book that has some shaker pieces in it that get to me every time!!


hi risa,
the tea party was such fun! it was quite the all day affair! :) i'll say hi to denver for you this week and maybe send you a photo or two. did you see the blue bear when you were there? i love it and need a photo!
xo shari ps: love the samplers too.


who doesn't love a polka dot dress...


Love them! I can't wait to get started on my own cross stitch piece (I have one waiting in the wings!)


Yay for polka dot dresses, I am all for that! I absolutely love the one on top with the women picking fruits from a beautiful tree.


these samplers are beautiful. i love the history behind them, and the lovely details in each one.
and the tea party was fantastic! i too am still visiting... so nice to meet so many new people!


Your creative eye always amazes me! You can spot a gem in a pile of stuff. I really think you should cultivate this skill and try and turn it intosome kind of trade


Those samplers are I would love to own one..fabulous!
Thanks for hosting a lovely tea party! It was a nice experience.


Hi there Risa,
How wonderful was your party in honour of tea and blogging?! What a smashing success. You really were the hostess with the mostess.
Oh, and you are moving... how exciting for you. Will you still be my guide to Ecuador if ever I make it across?
take care, g xo


Beautiful samplers! wow they are very old arent they? so lovely and such fine needlework...


Oh these are the one with the tree and it does look like they are picking fruit...the details are incredible!


These are so beautiful and look like they have held up amazingly well!


How lovely! Picking fruit, smelling blossoms?

simple me

Oh! I love these embroidered pieces and the way daily activities are represented in them. I also think it is interesting the way it doesn't have scale, i.e. the church for example is smaller than people.

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