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stephanie s

if they had blogs i bet today they would be posting about their very same favorite moment of 2006 too!

A Fanciful Twist

HAhaha. Thank goodness you have a good sense of humor. ps: Knowme got a makeover

simple me

As always you make me laugh :D


I love that photo, and you're great at story telling :) Thank you for making me laugh today.


heehee you make me smile!!! :) xxx


steph - i hope they don't! although, it would be fascinating to hear the story from their perspective.

vanessa - knowme looks fantastic.

paula - i'm glad. :)

crusty - thank you!

julie - that was my hope. :)


ha!! that really cracked me up!! and now that i'm more familiar with the meaning of the color of your underwear, it must have been especially embarassing to flash them PINK ones!!

i'm going to have to work hard here to try and join your virtual tea-party (what a blast!!) but you know...i haven't even SEEN any tea since i've been here, i'll keep on the look-out :)

lisa s

i just laughed out loud.... hee hee hee....

you are a gem.... see you at the tea party!


Whoa. I just checked the comments on my blog and went, Did I leave a comment for myself??? But it was you! Crazy! Is your name short for anything? I'm really Larisa...


kristin - oh my! i never thought about the significance of the pink. that makes it way more embarrassing. and please come to the party! you can just bring yourself.

lisa - thanks! i love silly stories. see you friday!

risa - it's weird isn't it!?!? my name isn't short for anything but it's considered a very funny name here in ecuador as in spanish risa means laughter. people don't believe it's really possible that's my name. they think it must actually be luisa or ruisa. :)


That is funny :) When I lived in Spain, my friends and host family called me "Lari." Our name causes me trouble wherever I go... In France I became a sauce - "l'harissa" is a spicy North African condiment. In Italy I became Lariza, since a single s in Italian is said like an English z. Here in the States I get Theresa or Lisa all the time.
Ah, the trials and tribulations of having an interesting name!

tongue in cheek

Darling photo; I am sure the men didn't mind! Actually if you are going to give a "flash," (on purpose OR NOT,) I think pink undies is the perfect detail!!

Wonderful post of humor!!


Hahaha, ok I will share mine too so you can laugh. In Paris you have these subway grates. Me, in a summer skirt... You can feel it coming. Yes, the skirt went all the way up in a busy shopping street...

Veronica TM

You are funny!!

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