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Hi Risa, thanks for the link! Great work x


Happy 2007 Risa!!


happy new year risa! love julie morstad. tiny showcase and a book! hooray! xo shari


Happy New Year Risa, fantastic illustrations *I am in love :)
May this year being you joy and happiness always.


Oh fantastic link!!! LOVE her work!! Love your taste :) xxx


Wow, thanks for posting this, what beautiful work!

Happy New Year to you too! Did you burn "un año viejo" for the celebration?


Wow, what beautiful work. I love how slumped and full of ennui they are. Happy new year to you. Looking forward to many more fun, informative posts.


thanks for sharing this info, it's great! Have a nice new year!

simple me

Have the most perfect 2007 Risa.
Hey! Thanks for the link. Love the illustration :)


Ahh, Risa... you always point me in such fun directions to explore.
Here's to a wonderful 2007. So far, I'd say, it's shaping up to be a beaut.
take care, g xo


Hi Risa,

I think you are building up a lovely art collection.

I hope 2007 brings you all the joys and good times you wish for.

xo lj


Happy New Year!!The best whises for the new year!


i love that her work reminds me of edward gorey. thank you for sharing this artist! i'm falling in love.


My goodness! The hair on that woman. Enjoyed Julie Morstad's work. Thank you!


Happy New Year!!! And I love the drawing!!!


thank you for all the new year wishes!

shari - i know! i hope i catch the tiny showcase. they sell out soooo fast these days. i remember when you actually could have a minute to think things over.

emily - we wanted to but were in brooklyn where there isn't really a tradition of burning bodies. and then we made a plan to go back to our friend jill's at the end of the night but we got sleepy sleepy. jordan still wants to so we might still. when do you arrive?

too and vanessa - thank you for stopping by! i hope you come again. i love your sites so i'll definitely be visiting you.

louise - the only problem is i will have to find a home with many many walls!


heart achingly beautiful work! thanks for the link.


~ oh my goodness, i love julie morstad's work sooo much. thank you for sharing this! xo!


Check out When You Were Small a picture book illustrated by Julie at

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