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claro, pues!!!

Old Round

Oh those hot August nights!


Ummm not really haha...
happy Birthday anyway....ha!

lisa s

a bit of catch up....

love the collage [esp. the bee part]
a popsicle looks so yummy [even though it's cold here]
i cracked up this morning when NPR said it was neil diamond's birthday - the jewish elvis!! :)

i also got your favor - THANK YOU - it smells so good!


love the chest hair. rockin'!


how old is he now...80?


Haha...I'll refer to Vanessa's post on men who in tune with their feminine side (less hairy and muscular) :)

tongue in cheek

Oh God, I heard him everyday on the school bus back in the 70s...I was dreamy then too!!


Hahahaha! Hilarious. I agree with matirose, I'm all about the chest hair ;) That collage of yours is adorable, btw, very nice work!


my husband *loves* neil diamond... we always talk about how it's our big culture gap!


ever seen What about Bob with Bill Murry? ... "there's two kinds of people in this world, those who like neil diamond and those who don't." :) love your site!




ONly you!!!! How am I not surprised!!! hehehe. True story. For the 1st 6 years of my life, I thought Neil Diamond was my father. He looked just like my father, same hair, same everything as far as I was concerned. We had lots of Neil Diamond records so I carried them around the house with me. Then one day, the truth! "Neil Diamond is not my father, who is he and why am I carrying this record around." Then I tossed the thing and never looked at Neil Diamond in the same light. Happy birthday dad! heeeheheeeheheehehahahahaha


The minute I saw this, 'Sweet Caroline' started playing in my head. My sister has one of his albums framed on her wall.


neil diamond has such a deep,sexy voice! Rrarrh!
happy bd to neil!

stephanie s

i fall squarely into the camp that adores this man....


i can't bee-lieeeeeve i freakin missed this post! i was teased mercilessly by my sisters when i was wee for allowing the mistaken utterance, "i adore neil diamond," to fall from my lips.

a lesson to all: keep your love of neil to yourself. for his is the love that dare not speak its name...


Turn on your heartlight...let is shine wherever you go


Saw Neil in concert last year...still packing 'em in and sounding good. I didn't realize my mother shares her birthday with him.

It's still a bit cool here for popsicles, but it does look yummy.

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