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Ooh..welcome back! I love the look of all your craft materials, can't wait to see your projects. Your holiday sounds great, I'm sure you'll be sharing more later...loving G&L's print :)

lisa s

ooohh the g/l print... and sashima on asian pears....

outfit for tea party... thinking now! xo


glad you got back ok. didn't tell you this while you were here, but i'm really REALLY diggin your short hair. miss you too!


Oh my gosh, I love the print. If the photo doesn't do it justice, I can't imagine how it looks in person.


Welcome back and...
Yay! It made it uncreased. Did it take you several hours to cut through the packaging tape which neither LJ nor myself were frugal with?
I hope you enjoy it... we loved making And they silently steal away.
take care, g


Hi Risa,
Glad to hear that your trip was a hoot... and that our wrapping technology paid off. Would you say a) it was over wrapped, b) wrapped just right, or c) under-wrapped. I suspect 'c' is unlikely.
xo lj

Veronica TM

So glad you had a good time in NY! But happy to have you back. I still have to pick my outfit for the party! Lovely photos here, Risa!


I feel your pain!!! I am so so so so overwhelmed with all the projects to do and mail to open!! Your trip sounds wonderful...full of people you care about and good food!! Looking forward to seeing your little projects...


Hello, so much goodness when you go back g&l's print and your trip sounds lovely :)
I havent chosen my outfit yet - waiting to see what the weathers like ;) xxx have a lovely weekend!!


I'm thinking maybe nude, except for slippers.

You need to take a better shot of that print. It looks beautiful.

simple me

Wonderful time in NY.
That g&l print is just beautiful.
Have a great week...I need to think about the outfit. Can it be something we would like to have but can't afford? :)


crusty - i can't wait to see my projects either! hee hee. hopefully, i'll get them all done.

lisa - i'm imagining you in something red...

jill - thanks. i just got it cut again yesterday.

ambika - gracias! it is beautiful in person.

g&l - it was pretty crazy, but it was also kind of i had to earn it. :)

veronica - soon i'm going to post about some argentinian designers...get myself psyched for our trip.

vanessa - i agree. food and people are the best. :)

julie - good point. i can't wait to see what you decide on. :)

shula - maybe you should also wear a hat?

paula - it can be whatever you like!

tongue in cheek

I knew that bottom image was from G&L, I said it out loud...That looks like G&L's type of art!
I love it!!

You have such a wonderful eye, and fun place to stop in and take a peek!!

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