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Please do throw another tea party!! We missed this one but I read about it and also read other bits of your blog and became inspired. I don't know what I'm inspired to do but I'm inspired, none-the-less. We'll be checking back now and then. (I found your blog through Maryam of My Marrakesh)

(Kim) Pearl and Pumpkin


Risa. The Tea Party was a wonderful fun time. I have carried on my own personal tea party through the weekend. And, even some of the die-hard tea partiers have visited me for some after party Orange Spice tea and Cointreau. I have been Painting, sipping, making potato latkes and sipping some more all weekend. Somtimes coffee, somtimes tea. You have influenced so many of our lives so beautifully with this little tea party (which turned out to be a huge international event). It was wonderful, just like you!! I too have had quite an amusing time explaining this virtual tea time to none bloggers. I would be letting you put your feet up at my fantasy pad and enjoy some latkes yourself if you were near...Thanks again, Vanessa


A smashing success indeed!!! Loved everything about it x


Thank you so much for the massively fun party, can't wait to see what you have planned. You have the best ideas!


I loved the party.....and will keep on visiting new friends even without a party on :-)


It was wonderful and a great way to meet new worldwide friends!! A fantastic idea and thanks for being such a gorgeous host!


Thank you for noticing my late and angry entre...! I live in Finland if you like to add another country to your very impressive list. I can understand that you feel a little tired today :)


Hi Risa
I´m so sorry I missed your fantastic tea party - I´ll be sure not to miss your next one and look forward to it - great idea!

Veronica TM

What a success, Risa! I loved participating and having tea with all these wonderful people from all over the world. Can't wait for the next!

simple me

This was the most gorgeous party ever. Thank you!
...and definitely there should be I need to go and visit some new friends I met at your place.
Have a wonderful week :)


damn, i missed it! i feel like the loser from high school who forgot about the coolest party of the year, and instead hung out with her parents or something...

what an adorable idea. i loved looking at all the posts!


Thanks ever so for allowing the Ninja and I to attend. For a ninja, she is surprisingly well behaved at social events.


Big thanks, Risa!
I loved your tea party, your BIG, international do! And I'm very excited about the prospect of another something similar, sometime soon.
LJ & I are still popping around to help with the washing up and to polish off the scraps at the various tea parties... sadly our weekend disappeared under a cloud of work.
take care, g xo

Tiel S-K

yah, you know it was a good day. You should be proud of hosting the most successful virtual tea party in the world.

maybe a mocktails and cocktails party?????

jungle dream pagoda

Thankyou EVERSO for the lovely party ! I gained many a virtual pund. Your adorable!!!

tongue in cheek

That was the best online party ever!! So much fun!!


Oh my goodness, I missed a tea party! But I was drinking tea with you on Friday... about four times I think... Congratulations on a lovely affair. I hope to join you in the next one!


I am so sad I was working during your tea party, though I will be looking forward to any more virtual parties you might be throwing...

how lovely!


Risa, thank you so much - what a turn out!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!
Another one will be great!
Hope you have recovered and your home is back together!!


I am so bummed I missed it! Please let me know when the next tea party is, I would love to join everyone. You are a girl after my own tea-loving heart...and my name is Risa too!


Just read your last few posts. This is a fabulous idea. You should do another virtual tea party. I would love to participate and meet new people this way.

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