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love this post...was right beside you!! and yes, you should have stopped by the bakery!!!


hi risa:
i love your stripes and polka dots. yum. chocolate croissants. i've been craving them all day! xo s


always, ALWAYS get the chocolate croissant! which reminds me of how particular janice is about hers. anna tells this funny story about how janice would buy one everyday when they lived together in paris, and if it wasn't to her exact liking she would toss it in the garbage and buy another. how decadent. how janice. lurve your dots and stripes, btw. miss you!

Veronica TM

How nice to read and know that you were present, I felt I was there.
Have a wonderful day, Risa!

lisa s

your socks and sweater - perfect....

and i too feel like i was right there... that is a gift!


julie - i know, i know. maybe i will go today...

shari - me too!!!

jill - what a great story. i'll have to send you one of my favorite (like i have soooo many, hee hee) old friend croissant stories. miss you too!

veronica - i wish you were there.

lisa - i wish you were there too.


Temptations, I probably couldn't resist the sewing store and the fresh bakery either :P love your outfit!

simple me

Love the cardigan... It was wonderful walking with you and you bet next time we will walk into the bakery.

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