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love your list and your positive spin on things. we all have so much to be grateful for. xo shari ps: enjoy your weekend.


What an awesome list! You had me laughing out loud. :)


Yes, you are so right. The story of the Kim family has moved so many people around the world!!!

Lovely stamps!!!
We also have that same problem when it rains here!!! :)
Have a great weekend Risa xxx

lisa s


i have to fill out a form for your little envelope that will be on the way shortly and hopefully won't take a month to arrive! :)


ha! i love that drawing! que lindo:)


i had a rod stewart haircut when i was 11! my mom loved it. needless to say, i didn't.


shari - yes! and you always inspire me with your appreciation for the small things. i'm trying to do more of that myself.

futuregirl - i'm glad i could make you laugh.

julie - before coming here i thought getting wet like that was only something that happened in the movies.

lisa s - i can't wait to get it.

lis - it's cute, ain't it?

jill - do you have any photos? maybe we can do a funny hair photo swap. ;)

simple me

Yes you are so right...these are all minor things in life and the best thing is just to laugh at them.
have a great weekend.


you too paula! (or at least your sunday!)

Monica Andrade

Hola Risa!
Uy! Esas lluvias quitenas en mi memoria son sinonimo de frio! Que bueno que tengas un calentador de agua en la ducha! Mas que un lujo es una necesidad.
Creo que la tragedia de los Kim a todos nos ha hecho reflexionar en lo corta que es la vida y en no olvidar de dar gracias a Dios cada dia por lo que tenemos hoy.


:) thanks Risa. Have a wonderful xmas

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