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Ooo, I am a fan of just about everything you posted. I've been on the hunt for the perfect, unusual cameo for a while now but have yet to find anything exactly right. My mom is a huge fan of hobnailed glass (which I'm assuming is similar to bubble glass? It certainly looks similar). And the teak items are just lovely. I try not to collect too as I have a very small living space but it really is difficult sometimes to resist.


Oh my gosh, my parents have those chairs!!! I love the duck!!


I never knew that was called 'anchor hocking bubble glass' - what a wonderful name for a beautiful style... a fan too (though not a knowledgeable one).
Loving what you covet too, Risa.
see you, g


ambika - me too! they aren't cheap, so you wanna make sure you find the "right" one. and yes, hobnail and bubble glass are very similar, although hobnail tends to be a little more pointy and i like the roundness of the bubbles.

julie - your parents are lucky ducks!

gracia - muchas gracias! i guess collecting info is my substitute for actually collecting. :)

simple me

I love the lamp and the chairs...maybe it is because I'm decorating the house at the moment :)


Thanks for sharing your virtual shopping trip... I've avoided ebay for the simple reason that it would be just too tempting to snap those tempting treats.


paula - and i am gettin excited about going back to the states where i will decorate once again!

louise - i know!! ebay is deadly.

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