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Oooh this is toooo CUTE!! What an adorable piece!! Thank you very much for enjoying my artworks.

Alina :)


hhhmmm...made me smile :)


yay for magic tea party portals! cute little cups. :) i have a great idea....xo shari


alina - i know i saw them and instantly wanted to buy every last one!

julie - me too. :)

shari - what's your idea?

greenbeanbaby art

oh my gosh!!!! those are just too darn cute to ignore!!! or not wanna buy! hehe.... what a neat find on etsy, risa

simple me

maybe we could do a virtual tea party. What do you think? I like those eyes peeping from inside the cups. Cute!


They're so cute!!!!! Never mind if the cups are for expresso;)))

lisa s

oh yes on the tea party!! where and when?? get me that portal


YAY! It looks like it may happen one day, this infamous tea party gathering. We have all the teacups and expresso numbers, now all we need is a wonderful venue.
take care, g


Yay for magic portals! I'll keep a look out.
cheers, LJ


ellia - i've been spending a bit too much time on etsy lately...

paula - yes! i will post about this tomorrow...

kika - i agree! cute it cute.

lisa - look out for my post tomorrow...

gracia - i have some ideas! it will be fun.

louise - magic portals are amazing!


I love these, aren't they so adorable?!


hi risa...a tea party zine with numerous contributors! what do you think? sorry it took me so long to tell you my idea. ;) xo shari

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