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lisa s

if we look 1/2 as cool drinking tea as the mumps i'll be happy!

happy holidays risa!!!


Great finds, I love the stuffies and children enjoying their tea party-take care!


oh my! these are such great tea party images...the mumps make me smile. i can't wait til the 12th. have a great holiday risa! xxoo shari


I will be travelling the 12th of January, but will make my post in good time.


Brilliant!!! love the stuffies!!
Have a wonderful holiday!!! xxx Looking forward to meeting you on 12th!! I may even post what im going to wear!!

ashley g

Oh I LOVE THIS!! It's written in my planner (the only way I can keep track of things)!!!!


Such a good idea. I'll do my best to make it.


I'm ready & waiting for the 12th! A super start to the new year...
take care, g


Hi Risa,
Hope your trip to NY is ace. I think there will be more than one parcel waiting there for you.
I'm totally looking forward to the tea party too.
Cheers, lj


lisa - i know! aren't the adorable?

crusty - who knew stuffies could have such fun?

shari - you too shari!

b-a - you can poast early if you want and then your link will be up all day!

julie - oh! great idea! hmmm...what would be the perfect outfit?

ashley - don't worry. i won't let you forget. :)

shula - i hope you can!

grache - exciting!

louise - i love the word ace! i'm sure it will be. and i can't wait for my parcels. thank you louise.

simple me

I make my words Lisa's words. What a cool bunch of guys! They made me laugh.

A very happy holiday to you too sweet Risa and thank you for making me smile during this year.
Have a great time in NY!


oh this is wonderful!!! Will definetly be joining in on the fun all the way from Sydney, Australia!


I am in too, this is a genius idea!


If I doesn't forget to do so I would be really happy to take part on it!


Such a great idea! I'll be there... (and wow, that painting with Bush is intense)

Ms. Oscar the Grouch

hehe... nice blog!

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