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hi risa!
i adore your mola mary janes. so wonderful. enjoy the card making today! xoxo shari


Your shoes are so cute and so colourful!! And the idea of molas is amazing!!
I think your decorations look really cool!


Oh Molas!

Aren't they WONDERFUL!


Such cool ornaments, and MJ's too! :-)


What a Surprise! I have shoes like that. A friend from ColĂ´mbia offer me and I just love it....

(nat, from Portugal)


shari - thanks! the card-making was great.

julie - thank you too. i've been meaning to try and make one for ages...but it's hard to get cheap fabric here and i don't want to experiment with nice stuff.

shula - yesiree!

marieke - why thank you!

natercia - thank you for visiting and leaving a comment! i'd love to see your shoes.


I love the shoes. And learning about the process that goes into making them. Cool, colorful and it looks like often one-of-a-kind--the best kind of craft.


I received your package this morning. It's on my blogg. I love really everything:))))

Your shoes are so "magnifique"!!!!


WOW!! WOnderful!


Oh! How I want a pair of mola maryjanes too! These are wonderful! LOVE.
take care, g


gah! that mola ... picture? hanging? is so pretty.
i'm utterly addicted to all the colours and shapes in the crafts you keep showing off.


Oh the shoes are FANTASTIC... and thanks for the lesson in the art of molas... facinating.

Monica Andrade

Nice shoes! Love the bright colors of the andean handicrafts.
Those teenagers at the center must love you. I'm sure you're teaching great things to them that, hopefully, they will keep throughout their lives. Simple things like a little kindness
or doing handmade cards for their moms I'm sure is a lot for them.


kika - merci!

alina - gracias

gracia - maybe we can find a way to get you a pair!

clare - i know! i'm addicted to the colors too.

louise - thank you!

monica - and they are teaching me a lot as well...

simple me

Hi Risa,

Do you want me to send papers or other things to use in projects to where you are?
I love the colours and work of that mola. Gorgeous!


I love seeing these mary janes. I do not often see traditional latin & south american handicrafts in updated and 'modern' themes and styles - is this common anywhere?


those shoes! i'm dying! so adorable!

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