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hi risa,

such gorgeous colors. your posts continue to inspire me. thank you friend. xo shari


You said it: *beautiful*, beautiful colors. That piece on the left? Oh my. I love how the middle of the piece just gleams.

lisa s

OMG that yarn.... so so so so so so pretty. eye candy!!


Oh this post is super colourful - just stunning ..all those colours and textures!!!


shaei - thank you friend for making me feel like this is all worth posting!

julia - it is amazing how he so effectively uses color to bring light into his pieces.

lisa - i know. i took sooooo many photos...all of those yarn butterflies...

julie - i am obsessed with color!


Such a lovely colors!!


Mate his sense of colour is breathtaking!

And those racks of yarn.

It makes me want to weep.

Or maybe make a beeline for Equador.

Go Risa.


mar - yes they are!

shula - you crack me up! and please come visit, we have an extra bed. :)


Thanks for your amazing posts!!:-)

simple me

Wonderful colours and wonderful smile. Hurray for men weavers!
You probably would like to know that there are also men who knit and embroider. Here is an example.
I find it interesting that men seem to use bold colours and patterns when making these sort of things.
And not many people know this but this conductor ( is also a great knitter.


Looks like a great experience. Who organized this so that you could work with these amazing artists? Do you have a contact name and address?



me too me too me too. I would like to know how to contact the organizer of this tour. Thank you!


Grand exhibit of the tapestries by Maximo LAURA from 7 july to 19 august in "les Jardins de Magali" Lauris, Vaucluse 84 France

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