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Veronica TM

Hi Risa! I hope you are having a wonderful time in NY and that you have an even better 2007. I have to read about the tea party, but I am joining! Thanks for the invite.


oh my gosh! I would choke or drown!! haha!
I have a yoga book at home that recommends something similar to cleanse the throat/nose.

Ms. Oscar the Grouch



UURRGH!!!!!!!! Hope you are having a great holiday!!! Missing all of you! Continue to enjoy and... maybe its best you dont get a sore throat!!!! XXX


Hey Ris!

Hope you guys are having a great New York time! I'm having a blast here in Ohio, even though there's no snow. See you in a bit back down South.

Les Extrano Mucho!


jessie t. once told me to snort warm saline when i had a sinus problem. gotta say, when you're feeling that bad, anything feels better. may give the lemon juice a try next time...

see you soon enough!


Hope you are having a nice time without a sore throat that is. :-)

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