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Delicious yarns!!! And i love that poster!! Glad you had a nice weekend:)


Cool poster! And these yarns are wonderful...


The yarns are indeed very beautiful. Have you read "colours" by Victoria Finlay? It's a bit corny in some parts, but when she concentrates on the history of different pigments and dying/colouring traditions it's really fascinating.


Those colours! That poster! It all makes me want to pack my bags & travel...
take care, g


hi risa,
what is a traditional colombian :) love the natural dyed yarns and the poster. xo shari


I just found your blog thru Whip up. I grew up in Chile and i love Latin American Crafts. I'm excited to explore your blog. Love the colors of the yarn. I love to knit.


julie - gracias

marieke - thanks!

louise - oh! i'm going to check it out...thanks for the recommendation.

grache - you can stay with us!

shari - hee hee. coffee (of course) and a corn pankcake thing called an arepa with eggs, plantains and meat (beef, chicken, or soy) with a spicy tomato sauce called ahi. oh, and fresh juice. i had pineapple. yum. and i still owe you a llama name.

joy - thanks for the comment. i'd love to go to chile. it sounds like a wonderful place. where exactly did you live?

simple me

I have been looking at your posts and think that trip to Peru must have been absolutely amazing.
You are a lucky, lucky girl.
Those yarns are great. I have a similar picture taken in Marocco 15 years ago, when there weren't digital cameras yet.
And you are making a rug? fab!
Are we going to see it when you finish?

Have a wonderful week muchacha.

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