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Im coming to the tea party!!
And i so love your calendar really captures you and your amazing spirit!!! Thank you!!:)


your calendar page is beyond wonderful. i love it!


your calendar page is truly fantastic! i am so there for the tea party! love this idea risa. looking forward to checking out the video. xoxo shari

tongue in cheek

I saw a comment of yours on Paula's site...can I come along to the tea party too?!


What charming, unusual little ornaments. There's something about them that reminds me of E. Gorey. Very cool.

Tiel S-K

I would love to come to this tea party, and promise not to be late for this very important date!

Your page is great Risa. Your page shows me that you must be a very joyful and happy person.


julie - yay! and next time we will have to make it brunch. :)

jill - thank you. i can't wait to see you!

shari - i'm glad you can come!

t-i-c - thanks for coming by. of course you can come! everyone is invited.

ambika - yes! i think it may be the eyes. they have a tim burtony feel to them too.

tiel - i'm glad you are coming. and i'm glad you like my page!


Oh wow, your calendar page is beautiful and so creative! I would love to come to the tea party, thanks for the invite!


Your calendar page is cute too (he he);)))) I glade you like my necklace and I'll be here for the tea party!

simple me

The 12th january if fine with me...please keep us posted.
I'm so happy to have one of the pages with me now. I hope we can do the same next year and that I have more time to work on my pages.


The 12th of January - count me in! Can hardly wait... though I may need a little reminder.
take care, g


I'm in too! I've just written it into the diary for 2007, so I'll remind Grache as well.
cheers, LJ


crusty - i am glad you are coming!

paula - me too!

grache - yay! don't worry reminders will be posted.

louise - yay again! it wouldn't be the same with you two. :)


This calendar page is too cute!! Love, love it. Makes me smile =D Do you think there will be another calendar swap? I want to participate!


Great page you made Risa! Love it. Jan 12 would be perfect ;-) xxx

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