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This is a new tea to me.
I have just recently discovered the South African Rooibush tea, and love it.


hi risa,
so interesting. thanks for filling us in on coca tea. enjoy your chai! xo shari ps: we are visiting denver in january. did you happen upon any great new places i should visit?

lisa s

oh! coca tea??

maybe we should all post our favorite teas for this party?


Fascinating information! I'd love a tea that helps with giving energy (need to try some), can't wait for the tea party :)


Wow so interesting!!!
Reminds me a little of the old Yemenites here who like chewing on 'qat' leaves!

simple me

Bring this tea along to the party...I would love to try it
beijos :)


b-a - i never tried that. is it good?

shari - i emailed you. :)

lisa - good idea!

cruststation - some places it's legal and others it isn' isn't in the states and canada, don't know about elsewhere.

julie - what are qat leaves? i know the word from scrabble (yes, i'm a scrabble geek) but don't really know what they are...

paula - i definitely will.


I first heard about the rooibush tew through Alexander McCall Smith's detective stories....for my life I can't remember thetitle of the books right now, but they are gorgeous. A must-read!
The tea is a red one, quite good, said to be very healthy but I don't know for what :-)


have a look here!

By the way, i had the most delicious and simple to make levivot yesterday - i will get the recipe from my friend and send it to you!!! xxxx


hmmm...I never knew that about coca tea - that's really interesting. Mmmmmm....chai...yummy! One of my absolute favs, especially on a snowy day here!



b-a - i'll have to check out the books and the tea! i love the idea that you know it's health but not for what. that happens to me all the time. :)

julie - i'm looking forward to the recipe!

tiff - i love chai too. it's the perfect afternoon break.

Sasha McInnes

Loved reading your tour comments, Risa and this one made me laugh out loud. You're right, the coca "tea" for the Colca Canyon trip looks like swamp water and tastes as bad and you were right to think of it as "medicine" :) If you thought that it was bad, you're lucky that I didn't give you the "Peruvian Cure" for your sore throat. What, you ask, is the Peruvian Cure? Fresh lemon juice with some salt mixed into it, in warm water, and snorted down the nose using a dropper. Horrid but it works and MUCH more effectively than the "cures" bought in drugstores in "developed" countries!

Lovely to travel with you and may your best day in 2006 be your worst in 2007!

A la vida!

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