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peppermint tea for me, please!


Bueno, creo que ya no es posible leer tu blog con la traduccion automatica de Google. Lamentablemente no entiendo nada de inglés y como me dijeron que somos vecinas (e. alfaro y G. Villarruel) trataba de leerte desde hace unos dias. Te invito a que hagas la traduccion automatica del post de hoy... es bastante comico y no se entiende nada... mejor comunicamos por mail la proxima...


Count me in! I'd love to come. Does everyone like rhubarb... if so I'll make a rhubarb cake and hope it travels well. Or perhaps a lemon and coconut cake? I have plenty of mismatched cups and saucers too, should our party grow! See you soon by the sounds of it! Yippee!
take care, g


I'm totally in too! I'll bring some macaroons from Brunetti's as my baking skills are non existent. See you all there.
Cheers, LJ

simple me

I think I will make a ceramic tea pot specially for the party besides a rich chocolate cake.


Yes, yes, yes to all of Gracia, Louise and Paulas suggestions and 'yes' to this fantastic post!!!
I will also bring some of Israels delicacies!!!
LOVE all you links...expecially Paul Pitsker!xxx


I wish to come!!! I'll also bring some ceramics and some cookies and of course my smiling face :)

Friederike! and Sandra

oh yes I would love to come to the tea party, but you are sooooooooooooooo very far away :(


jill - oh we will definitely have peppermint! mmmm...

pa[u] - voy a escribirte pronto.

grache - mmmm...rhubarb pie. sounds delish!

louise - and macaroons too...what a feast!

simple me - wow! i can't wait to see that teapot.

julie - i actually thought of you when i first saw paul's work.

natacha - yay! i'm so glad. :) especially for your smiling face.

friederike and sandra - no worries, this tea party will happen somewhere we can all go...if only i could figure out how that is possible. :)


Oh so there for the tea party! When I become independently wealthy, I shall fly us all to a beautiful location in my private jet...hee-hee :^) Ah, nothing like dreaming!

Thanks for sharing the artist's links!



let's see. i'll come and bring pear bread and some smoky lapsang souchong tea.

Tiel S-K

Well, if this tea party is on a hot day, I'll make up some icy cold turkish apple tea and bring some ginger snaps.

ashley g

Tea party!?! I'm there! A thousand time over I'm there :)

tongue in cheek

Count me in, wonderful links you have shared with us!!


What a lovely idea, it'd be the biggest bash ever :)


Are there still room for more at your party?
I'd love to come.


I would love to come too! I will bring my favorite white chocolate mascarpone pie :-)

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