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wow. your trip and your experiences continue to amaze me. how fun it must have been to try out weaving. the shawl is beautiful! xo shari ps: love your hair risa!


A beautiful shawl and hearing an "infectious laugh", two travel musts.
take care, grache


That shawl is just gorgeous, you got some really pretty things on your trip! I can't believe that was handwoven! It looks like there's so many oppurtunities to make a mistake, yet it's perfect. Lover-ly.


I love your description of your teacher who "loves to talk, even when the person she is talking to cannot understand her" it made me laugh. The shawl looks beautiful too.


shari - thank you! short hair is very many ways.

grache - i couldn´t agree more.

julia - when you go to cusco (which you will if you plan to visit machu picchu) you should visit the center for traditional textiles. i´ll give you more information.

louise - it made us laugh too!

Akira Hanson

enjoyed your blog, Risa. Sasha passed on your site. am going on the puchka tour in april. very excited. thanks for sharing in such a lightheared way. am also doing the tapestry weaving with Maximo and the hand embroidery.

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