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hello there risa,
the suri alpaca is so cute. that first photo cracks me up and i love your description "alpaca ballgowns". hee hee. xo shari


I love their dark, sweet, soulful eyes. The Suri is so cool!


Oh such sweet animals!! I still cant work out where the head is in the first photo!! :)


shari - it cracks me up too. i can look at it for hours and it makes me smile every time.

julia - they do have amazing eyes. i forgot to mention that.

julie - it is a funny photo. i think he could use a haircut. :)


Hi there Risa,
That suri alpaca is a real honey... and my hair today looks a little the same. A long shaggy fringe in need of a trim. I can barely see the screen. Feels like I'm there feeding the little loves alfalfa with you.
take care, grache

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