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wow..thats so interesting! Love the big sacks of wool up at the top!

lisa s

wow that machinery is SO cool!!!


Wow, neat. I want alpaca yarn on the cheap!


Sick of Peru? Hardly... in-fact, it's quite the opposite.
see you, g


¡qué de cosas bonitas estás descubriendo! hacia tiempo que no me pasaba por aquí y qué de cosas nuevas tienes...espero que me entiendas, si no dímelo y te escribo en inglés, o al menos lo intento! ;)


julie - i loved all the sacks of wool and alapaca too. and there were hugs piles of fleece on the ground that i wanted to run and jump in!

lisa - aren´t they inspiring? i should send you some of the other photos of machinery i took...

julia - ah hah! maybe now you´ll wanna spend more time in peru?

grache - i´m glad you´re not sick of my posts!

mar - si! puedo entenderte. me gusta mucho los mensajes en español.

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