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lisa s

oh my! such amazing work!!! wow! thanks for sharing!


amazing artwork -- truly inspiring. oh, and i see the resemblence in florencio's drawing...


Such beautiful work - the details are just amazing!!!

greenbeanbaby art

wow, that IS beautiful embroidery! that skirt is just dreamy! and the art- how so very intricate!!! and soooo much detail!!! wow, i love latin art- and its not cuz i am biased :D


lisa - thank you for commenting!

jill - it looks just like me, right? :)

julie - i think so too.

ellia - and what´s amazing is how sophisticated the art has been for so many many years. it´s really awe-inspiring!


hi risa!

they seem like such a special couple. the embroidery and the carvings are amazing. how lovely to have some of their work and to have yourself in the drawing. i love art that you have a connection special. could you tell me a little more about the piece of elena's that you are so inspired by. i love it. xo shari


Hi there Risa,
Love it all! From that skirt in the first photo right down to the drawing featuring you weaving... wonderful people, fabulous clothes... as I said, love it all!
cheers, g

Monica Andrade

Hi risa!
I love Elena's embroidery! Those colors are so perfect! And Florencio's gourds are so beautiful, the detail in his carvings and drawings are amazing!


wow, those gourds are awesome.


shari - i too love art i have a connection with-i love how it can bring you back to a special moment or remind you of a special person. ther embroidery i showed is a sample of a pattern elena has used in the past on bottom of skirts...actually, i saw one skirt she did that had a similar pattern on the whole thing! she has been embroidering for years and has amazing patience. truly inspiring.

grache - i´m glad you love it! i do too. :)

monica - hola! it´s been awhile. i´m glad you came by.

lou - thanks dude.


amazing artists!

I especially love the carvings and the blue & white embroidery

thanks for sharing


Oh my gosh, how special! That's gorgeous. How did you meet these people? Were they on the craft tour?


i want to travel! your stories excite me :) i mean look at that piece of work! so amazing! next time i step out of this country i'm not taking anything for granted :)


Hi, I just stumbled onto your blog it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing the amazing artwork by your friends.

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