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Beautiful collages! I love the one where she is painting, the bright pink corner is a beautiful design element. You're inspiring me to try doing some collaging now! I'm still open to a swap, just want to glean some more inspiration first. =)

simple me

Wow! I love these and they are so perfect. Wonderful!
Sorry about your "sick momentito" but I suppose you should be OK now and that's the important thing.


Hi Risa,
I really like the figures in each of these... they seem to sway and swing with their actions and I love that every time I visit our blog I feel the world is that little bit smaller. You bring a slice of the Ecuadorian highlands to my computer - thanks!
see you, g


hello dear!
Those are lovely...and your thoughtful explanation of the flower workers is very interesting, and of course, sad too.


risa, wow. i really love these. i can feel that you are really inspired to tell this story. beauty and sadness. thank you for sharing! xo shari


thank you for the lovely comments!

julia - thank you. maybe we can swap once i get back from peru. that'll give you a few more weeks for inspiration. ;)

paula -i do feel better now! thank you.

grache - muchas gracias! your praise means a lot. lately, i have really felt like the world is small, and getting smaller!

emily - thanks to you too! i'm sad i missed out on one of your mini-books. they went soooooooo fast.

shari - one more thanks to you. i've really enjoyed reading about your inspirations...they've inspired me to share mine. :)


wowow. excellent idea and beautiful composition! thanks for the callout below too:)


oh so calm and lovely..very sensitive and i like your idea behind them.
Hope you are feeling better :)


son...muy Quito!


mati - your welcome! and thank you for the ongoing inspiration you provide me.:)

julie - thank you. and yes i feel better.

mar - muchas gracias! siempre me dices algo lindo.:)


I love your collages -- can't wait to see them when you're all said and done, Risa.

Veronica TM

I love, love these collages! And I love how you think about things around you. Can't stop looking at them, how I would like to see then in person!


these are so great risa! <3


thank you charmaine, veronica, and dawn!

greenbeanbaby art

oohhhh so pretty!! wow!

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