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Have a safe and fun trip to Peru! I just saw the pictures on the following entry. Hey, does the guy in the picture on the right kinda look like Jordan when he grew his hair out to you? Hmmmm. Somebody's got a twin walking around here....

tiel S-K

I hope you are enjoying or did enjoy your holiday. A textile tour..sounds great. I'd like to do one of those in Japan.


have fun! i'll miss you, even though i already miss you!!!


Buen viaje!!


Have a wonderful wonderful time - sounds amazing! Take lots of pics and enjoy!!!!!!


Happy Trip, my dear!
You'll be missed ;)



thank you everyone! i'll miss you all too.

jill-you are the cutest.

yah-it does! i think that's part of the reason i like that portrait. because it reminds me of j. :)


Oh wow, you are so lucky. This trip will be amazing, Risa. Awesome crafty workshops and Machu Pichu, how fun. Enjoy yourself, and can't wait to see your pics when you get back!


oh! i'll miss you and your posts risa but peru sounds amazing. have fun! i actually have a friend in durham whose mother is peruvian. xo shari


that sounds like an amazing tour! have a great time - i'll look forward to reading about it and seeing your photos when you get back.


que lindo viaje!! Machu Pichu es mágico,tanta historia, cultura, las artesanías, el camino al Inca, todo, todo...


Hi Risa,
Have a fantastic time, I can't wait to see photos and hear of your travels and adventures when you return.
Cheers, LJ
PS Glad the parcel arrived safe and sound.

lisa s

have a fantastic time!!!!!!!!!!


Wonderful, happy adventures to you, Risa. Looking forward to hearing & seeing it all in November.
take care, g

Veronica TM

Sounds like an amazing trip! I've always wanted to go to Peru, and a textile tour...fantastic! I'll miss you!
When you come back I will be in Argentina, I hope I can find time for the internet while there!


that sounds so cool! please come back with lots and lots of photos! <3 i can't wait to hear all about it too! have fun!


Have a great time, we can't wait to hear all about it!


Hope you're having a great time! Can't wait to see photos.

simple me

I miss you already. Enjoy that textile tour. It sound really, really interesting.

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