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I love this post Risa!! I agree with you - its important to have those pieces around.
Cant wait to see what you make with you new embroidery (?) skills!
Wow, Shari has really got us all going with this discussion on inspiration!
Have a great weekend xx


a beautiful post risa! are you doing needlepoint? i want to pick up cross stitch again. have you seen abigail's flocked pattern? it is so so lovely!
i also love your idea about the simple graphic pillows.
those boys are so lucky to have you risa! you are able to truly listen to them and i'm sure pass your inspiration along. xo s

Veronica TM

I think that having beautiful things around is key for inspiration. Movies and books do that for me too.
Congratulations on the new craft! Can't wait to see what you make!
I would love to do a swap with you, maybe when we both come back from our travels. That is another form of inspiration...traveling!
I am sure you are an inspiration for the boys.


julie - thank you! it's also important to me to have inspiring blogs around...they always provide so much for me to think about. :)

shari - is it needlepoint? i'm not sure to be honest. but it sure is fun.

veronica - yes! traveling is such a huge inspiration for me. it is one of my true passions and i just love it. i hope you have a great trip! maybe we'll have a new year's swap?

simple me

Absolutely...I need to be surrounded with things that inspire me all the time. Otherwise I feel empty.
bueno final de semana


que buen tema el de este post! la inspiracion...mi post fue parecido esta semana, pero lo que dices hoy es muy lindo y me hace pensar en muchas cosas, estoy en un mal momento y la inspiracion no quiere venir por aqui!


I'm so glad to see that I am not the only one who needs to have inspiring things around me to feel like I am at home - it is what separates a house from a home.
Enjoy your 'mindless' crafting - having busy hands and a mind that is free to think is a very productive way to be. : )


paula - yes! empty is a good word for it.

cecilia - gracias! buena suerte con la inspiracion. creo que esta muy cerca...

kate - my wrist is getting sore from all the mindless crafting! which is a good indication that i too think it is a great way to be!


Hi Risa. I love the "mindless activity" of such projects as well... they are so peaceful. And your mind is free to roam where it chooses whilst your hands do all the work. At other times it proves such a great way to think about very little, if anything. At the end of it all you have a cushion, rug, or in my case, a pile of paper with the holes punched for a journal.
see you, g


Hi Risa,
I too am a bit of a fan of repetitive crafting activities. I think that's why I enjoyed embroidering the owl pinnies so much. I'm glad gracia and my little stamp drawing made it's way into your collection. It's very exciting to see it on the other side of the planet.
Cheers, lj


I so love your little collections for inspiration. They inspire me too! x


grache - for some reason i always need to be doing something with my hands, so this is yet another good reason for such mindless activities. and how wonderful to get something great at the end!

louise - i was wonfering if you would notice. my husband is obsessed with your little drawing. he thinks it´s the coolest thing ever. and of course i´m a big fan, so we like to have it somewhere we can look at it often.

marieke - i´m glad! i get soooo much inspiration from you...glad i can give some back. :)

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