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Hehe. My boyfriend's jewish and I never knew the joys of kugel until I had his mom's homemade kugel. No raisins or sugar thank god, just lots of different kinds of fat, noodles, and salt. When I first heard about it, I thought it'd just be a boring, glorified macaroni and cheese, but now I'm addicted! I just had a plate last night in fact for Yom Kippur. Yum.


I'd buy that instant coffee for the packaging alone as well. This post makes me want to head to the local grocers and let my eyes wander across all that wonderful packaging.
see you, grache


They are both fantastic, but especially the kugel mix!


Hi Risa,
I've never had kugel... but if anything was going to make me want to try it like crazy it would be this hilarious packaging. I love the coffee container too.
Cheer, lj


Ive never had kugel. My father is Sephardi and i was bought up on Indian food!!!!!! But that coffee package is wonderful and fun!!


julia - your comment makes me want to write a whole post about kugel! my favorite noodle kugel is also a salty variation. i love it really crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

grache - let me know what you find!

suxy - isn't it a riot? i think i may have to do some research about the brand...


love the coffee can!

Account Deleted

The coffee can is great. Definitely a bargain, even if it tasted horrid.


Lindo post!!
I love the style retro.Coleccionar supports glasses and postcards with these designs.
un beso.


muchas gracias shari, ambika, y cecilia!

simple me

I often buy things because of the packaging. It feels silly sometimes but there you go...and I know it's not only me. :)
That gives me an idea...but you'll have to wait another few weeks...even because you are going on a nice trip. Enjoy!

Majeak Ann

ah si, que lindo, a mi también me encantan esos diseños, es una pena que ya no se hacen productos empacados con esa calidad de diseño. Mas casi todas las ilustraciones son digitales, pero pues, así son las empresas.
Recuerdas las de "strawberry shortcakes"?
vaya, esas si que eran cajas fuertes.

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