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I will keep an eye out...i hope it comes to california, I really want to see some Ecuador scenes!


Hey there Risa, I'll keep my eyes peeled for it... fingers crossed we'll get to see it soon. see you, g


Ah the memories! I have a crazy Ecuadorian cab story of my own. I love that country !! I'll definitely check it out when (if) it gets to ATL but chances are I'll have to get it on Netflix


Hi Risa, Thanks for your fantastic description, I'll keep an eye out for it in Australia.
Cheers, Louise

Jose Andrade

Hey Risa!

This movie sounds hilarious!... I doubt I'll ever find it here in CT!... have to buy it in my next trip to Ecuadorsh.


the movie looks great risa. thanks for the recommendation. xox shari


I didn`t heard about this movie, but i´ll be attentive. It´s been a long time without read your blog, there are a lots of interestings things to view and links to visit :)

Jose Andrade

Found the trailer!... seeing the guy jumping with the Liga flag is great! lol

Veronica TM

Sounds like a good movie! The street demonstrations remind me of Argentina, there is always a traffic mess due to them in some part of Buenos Aires.


Great film from Tania Hermida, It won the Silver award for new film makers at the Montreal International film Festival, among other's, it might be easier to get it in other countries...

Oh by the way, for several things that I have been searching on google about Ecuador, I keep getting your page and I really like your points of view, so funny things... and yes i do also enjoy putting all my books by colors, are we nutz? :)

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