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I don't think I've ever commented here, but I've been reading a while. So, hi! And good luck with the new project. I'm sure something like that could really make a difference.

I actually have an Ecuador connection, too. My mother was born and raised there, the daughter of American missionaries. Right now it's very much on my mind as I sort through the (seemingly millions of) pictures my grandfather took there in the 50s, mainly in the jungle. I've posted some on my blog, if you're curious. And there are more to come, as well.

Veronica TM

Congratulations on the project, sounds like a big task, but very important.
I totally agree with you about speaking your mind {even though sometimes I am more afraid of offending or hurting somebody than to speak my mind}, I may have to read the autobiography.


Hi there Risa, I really hope the project gets off the ground for you all... take care, g

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