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That is the most beautiful graffiti I have ever seen.


The graffiti is beautiful!! And i couldnt find your new portrait!! Where is it??


i would love to do a collage/paper swap with you!!


I would love to swap..


i loves the new portrait! tell j-dawg he done good. real good.


Ahhhhhh so dopey!!!!! It really is Great!!!


Welcome back, sort of :-) Love to do a swap in some time (little overwhelmed now time wise)!

simple me

Buenos dias siñorita.
Great portrait that one of yours. It really represents what I imagine you to be. happy, no worries, practical person.
I'm so happy that you are excited about your return to Equador and the wonderful work you do.
Looking forward to see your new projects.
Asta luego!


hi risa,
what beautiful graffiti and such a great portrait of you! you are brimming over with excitement. if things quiet down on my end, i'd love to do collage swap with you. xox shari

Veronica TM

I really like the graffiti. Am glad you are settled and ready to start working again in Quito. Can't wait to see what you create.


I really love that grafitti, it's stunning. I may be interested in doing a collage swap...don't want to commit yet. I used to do collages when I was younger but I haven't done one in years! I'll have to look back at some of your old posts of your collages for inspiration; do you have any links of good examples you recommend? Do you usually just use paper or other materials?

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