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Hi there Risa,
I've never heard of either of these two gems... how can I resist one called "The Squirrel Mother"... I'm off to check out your links!
take care (& a BIG 'hello' to Otto too), grache


So very different - i like the bottom one!! Very sweet and she does look similar to Olive!


oh! i really want the squirrel mother comic. i'm a huge megan kelso fan. in college, my friends and i loved the girlhero comics and i still have them! in fact, i have been scheming of a way to frame them and put them on my wall. i wonder where i can get a copy? hmm. thanks risa! xo s

Veronica TM

Great illustrations! I love what you say about the object in the corner of the page, so original! I am off to check them out. Thanks for the links Risa!

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