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Hi Risa,

I know it's just geography, but sometimes it still blows my mind to think that everyone over the other side of the world is suffering a heat wave. Melbourne today is cold, rainy and grey.

Like the photo too.

Cheers, Louise


my sentiments exactly...too hot! louise is up there rubbing it in. :) love the photo. it's perfect. xo s

Veronica TM

That is a cool photo! I can totally relate.


Yes! Washington DC is 105 today with the heat index. OUT OF CONTROL!! The cool front is supposed to come through tomorrow sometime (just in time for my Marc Anthony concert!) Let's hope some awesome storms come with it!


I love that photo... it has such a great feel to it (even if we are freezing down here in Australia)...
take care, grache


¡Qué de cosas lindas desde mi última visita! Nice Photo and I like specially the post about passport...

simple me

I feel like doing the same :)

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