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Veronica TM

It is so good that you were able to understand this. Mostly now, with all the debate abour immigration in the US.
I also would like to add that, at least in Argentina, when my mother applied for the visa to come and see me and be here for the birth of Fiona, she had to pay a big amount for the application and then wait outside the embassy standing in line in the rain. And the applicants are not treated very well either. It was so frustrating to not know if my mom could be here for such an important moment. Even though, like you say, she had all the right paperwork.


I feel the same with my Dutch passport. Life is so much easier than for people from third world countries or even second world countries. Although an American passport would be even better. All the fuss I had to go through to get a US student visa...


Thank you. I have been feeling very ungrateful about my citizenship as I desperately want to go to Cuba and there is that little matter of a stupid embargo that stands in my way. But I am lucky in so, so many other respects that are far more important.


here here
no joke
how lucky we are...
wish americans
appreciated that...
would understand
why people
so desparately
want to come here
for such freedom!

simple me

I saw a movie 2 days ago about imigration and I felt I am very lucky indeed.
Although I come from a country traditionally seen as poor and of people who have to emigrate (unfortunately that is true up to a certain extent) and I lived abroad for many years as an immigrant I still feel lucky because life was hard but there are millions of desperate people out there and that is very depressing.


Risa, This is the post I would write if I wasn´t so selfishly preoccupied with my stomach issues and training woes. I´ve been thinking about all this stuff too, already I have heard stories from folks that make one´s hair stand on end. It´s another side that doesn´t get covered in the immigration debate in the states very well. Ahh, like everything else. Anyhow, well said.

greenbeanbaby art

wow! it's nice to read this for some reason... you know, inform people and help us all to remember to count our blessings... although there is still so much racism with the immigrants and just different nationalities in general, it still can be a blessing....

on the side note: are you in the states for good now?!

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Nike Vandal

A lot will come out over time but the truth has been out there for a long time as well but that doesn't give you what you want so this dance just goes on and on.

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